Visit this chaat stall in Vizag to fall in love with pani puri all over again

pani puri, vizag

Pani puri continues to stand as the perfect snack for hunger strikes or just to cure some cravings. Right from the history, people have been crazy fans of this amazingly delicious Indian street food. How many of you love gorging over the pani puris that are stuffed with hot chana chaat and topped with chilled flavoured water? Those who have relished them in the cities of Hyderabad, Delhi, or Mumbai among others, and wished to savour the same flavours in Vizag, have one stall to bless them.

While many pani puri stalls in Vizag serve the favourite golgappas with the traditional mashed potatoes, this place in the city is one among the few where you can relish them stuffed with piping hot chana chaat. Managed by a couple, this stall is pretty famous among the local residents and is also a popular pani puri spot for many youngsters and college students. Located near Iris International Dental Care at Pedda Waltair, the Sainath Hot Chaat stall is where you need to head to the next time you crave for pani puri.

So now that you have a new addition to your list of the go-to gol gappa spots in Vizag, you know exactly what to do!

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