Vizag in 4k


A panoramic vista from above!


4K Ultra HD view of Vizag gives you the aesthetic pleasure of viewing the city from the perfect vantage point, the sky. Even viewed from the ground-level, Vizag is breathtakingly beautiful; the verdant hills and azure sea create a fascinating backdrop. But when viewed from above, you get to see Vizag in a whole new perspective. The video literally throws new light on our secluded little world with sun kissed sights of the city where the land and sea rhythmically collide. It showcases everything Vizagites cherish the most- the coastline, an array of beaches, lush green hills, rocky cliffs, beautiful sunsets, distant ships and the beautiful landscapes. Spoiler alert: It is indeed as magnificent as it sounds!

In a candid chat with the mind behind the idea, we have picked up a couple of interesting facts, like the fact that Vipresh Gannamani didn’t really intend on making a video at all, but was actually just playing with his drone when the beautiful shots it captured inspired him to put together a video that showcases everything he loves about his hometown; a fresh perspective of the city that he wished to share with the rest of the world. Or the fact that he had to sneak the drone past the customs, after his last attempt in bringing the drone to India was thwarted by them. Two days he played with his drone, and egged on by his friends spent around fifteen days compiling and editing the clips.  Insisting that photography, aerial or otherwise, will remain a hobby, this gadget crazy engineering student  is back in the US already. And he admits that he never really expected the video to gain the kind of attention it has over various social media platforms.

The uber cool gadget, the DJI Phantom 3 Professional is a remote controlled flying camera that is capable of shooting 4k videos at up to 30 frames a second and 12 megapixel photographs. The mandated range is 2kms, but Vipresh informs us that it stretched up to 4kms into the sea since it isn’t interrupted by Wifi or cell phone signals unlike within the city, where it is effective  within just a km or so.