Impress your out-station guests at these top spots in Vizag

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The festive season brings visitors to Vizag shores. Many of us have friends, family and relatives coming into town for the holidays. Sightseeing is one of the foremost objectives of the trip and Vizag as usual never fails to impress. Let us not even get started on the tourist footfalls that the season is expecting. We have you covered so do not worry. Chill and enjoy with your group for a gala time at these Vizag hotspots.

  1. RK Beach – Starting with the very obvious choice is recommended because everyone loves sand, sea and surf. That is not all folks. Get them to sample muri-mixture, corn on the cob and other beach side Vizag delicacies. A visit to the Temple and the Submarine goes with the plan for this excursion.
  2. Ropeway adventures – We have the spots for a bit of adventurous fun. Think Kailasagiri for the ropeway and the giant mountainside lettering of ‘KAILASAGIRI’ that gives tough competition to the Hollywood call sign. The idols of Lord Shiva and Parvati will impress the least of the believers. The ropeway or the stairway or the mountain drives, all are do-good fun activities.
  3. Ramanaidu Studios with a spot of coffee – Take the trek up the hill for the most magnificent views that will leave your guests wondering why they do not stay here in Vizag. The Rama Naidu Studios has the old world tollywood cinematic charm and makes for click-worthy time.Stop for coffe and a bite at the coffee shop on the mountain top. Refreshments here will let you fuel up for the next jaunt.
  4. Rushikonda Beach – One of Vizags 24*7 claim to fame, Rushikonda is the beach to kill all beach stereotypes. Paddleboat, kayak and more on good days and seafood available nearby are big draws here. A favourite spot for locals, watching fisherman in action will leave a memorable impression.
  5. South India foodie joints – Who doesn’t love a crispy dosa or a fluffy idli? Take your out-station crowd for a South Indian treat a la Vizag-style. Sai Ram parlor, Venkatadri Vantilu etc etc, there is an endless list of mouth watering delicacy joints. Thalis and more, tiffins and filter coffee is the way to win your guest’s gastronomic heart.
  6. Hotel hospitality with good views – The hotels in town offer views that are a treat for the eyes. The Park, Novotel, The Gateway, Four Points by Sheraton are all competent names on the list with many more. Head here if you fancy brunch or buffet or yummy cocktails. The plus to the hotel hospitality is the killer view of Vizag skyline that keeps your company while you hangout.
  7. Lighthouse atop Dolphin Hill – Do not miss this if you want to impress my friend. The Vizag harbour which is famous all over the world is visible magnificently from this place. The channel withthe Navy and commercial ships and the boats chugging along is a happy sight. This is the best place for East-coast happiness. A trip here would make short work of visiting the secluded and serene Yarada beach or the Church atop Ross Hill.
  8. Simhachalam Temple – No one’s trip to Vizag is complete without a visit to this pious place. The devoted find faith here and the vacationers have the added delight of a scenic spot. Nowhere else close by you have such a lovely combination. The Prasadam here is super tasty and leaves one asking for more. A definite must-do on the list.

So why wait folks when you have such an impressive itinerary at hand. Go on and impress those socks off your guests. Spread the love and happiness.



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