5 famous buildings that are hard to miss in Vizag

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Blessed with many prestigious and grandiose buildings that make us unique, Vizag as a city has chosen its landmarks. However, there stand a few buildings in the city that are widely popular and are the favourites for many citizens. Here are 5 of many such buildings that are hard to miss in the city.

#1 Jagadamba theatre

If the city of Vizag is to be identified using a place in it, apart from R.K Beach, nothing fits the bill better than the iconic Jagadamba theatre. Watching the first show of your favourite actor’s film in Jagadamba is one of the exclusive experiences to be had in the city!

#2 Dutt Island

Standing tall at the all-famous Siripuram in Vizag is Dutt Island. Accommodating multiple facilities from a supermarket to restaurants, this building has emerged as one of the more popular landmarks in the city.


Neighbouring Dutt Island is yet another famous landmark in the city. Located in Siripuram, HSBC continues to hold ground as one of the more popular workplaces as it witnesses the city goes through its daily hustle and bustle.

#4 LIC Building

Another famous building in Vizag is that of LIC. Located opposite the Central Park, this 11-storeyed commercial complex was also one of the tallest building in the city in the 70s.

#5 CMR/CMR Central

Probably two of the most preferred shopping destinations in the city, CMR and CMR Central have held their own distinctions in Vizag. While the former can always be seen buzzing with cheerful shoppers, the latter houses shopping, food and entertainment options under one roof.

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