Dessert choices in Vizag so good you would rather kill than share it with some one

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Dessert heaven is right here in Vizag and you get to choose the spread, then here are the delights that make it to the top. Voted by all for their taste and texture, feel and fill, this collection has been compiled after much calorie indulging by the Yo! Team. Visiting the dessert hot spots has been fun, and we hope you’ll enjoy reading about it just as much. So get ready with these scrumptious and wonderful delights. Read on for the most delicious experiences in Vizag.

Red Velvet Cake @ Novotel

Sink your teeth into this heavenly slice of red velvet cake and transport yourself to dessert paradise. Made of red sponge cake and layered with a cream cheese frosting, you can choose either a blueberry or strawberry topping based on your preference. Top it with a pistachio flavoured macaroon garnishing and a white chocolate leaf.

Panna Cotta @ FSM

Panna Cotta is the Italian phrase for “cooked cream”; so this is an uppercase ‘YES’ for all you cream lovers out there. With a lightly sweetened cream mixture that is set with a teeny bit of gelatine, the texture of this dessert is thick without being jell-o like. Exceptionally light and with a silky feel to the mouth, Panna Cotta can be flavoured with a wide variety of ingredients and tastes best when topped with a layer of blueberry or strawberry crush. Whatever your choice of flavours may be, the richness definitely comes from the cream that makes up the base of the dessert.

Chocolate Passion Cake @ Taj Gateway

A chocolate lover’s delight, this one is fluffy, rich brown and crunchy as well. With walnuts inside, the cake has a liquid chocolate center and is again doused with chocolate. Served at the right temperature, the chocolate melts all over inside your mouth, leaving a delightful taste you’re bound to dream about later!

Trifle Pudding @ Baker’s Castle

If all the goodness of life came in layers, then a trifle-pudding would be the end result. An all-time favourite, this three-layered pudding has a delicious sponge-cake base, custard in the middle and a generous topping of fresh seasonal fruits and jelly. Best served chilled, the trifle-pudding is Vizag’s sweet answer to the sweltering heat and makes you wish summers last longer.

Chocolate Pizza  @ The Park

chocolate-pizzaWho said that pizzas are only a snack? At The Park, Visakhapatnam they are a remarkable dessert variant as well. Baked in a clay oven over a wooden fire, these crisp, thin and aromatic pizzas come with a unique chocolate topping made of Belgian dark, milk and white chocolates. Unique and delightful, this will leave an after-taste you’re bound to talk about for days to come.

Caramel Custard @ Bake My Wish

best-caramel-custardCreamy and scrumptious, this one’s a sure delight for custard lovers. Topped with soft caramel, the dessert not only looks classy, but is light, delectable, and cools you inside out!

Honey Moon Special @ Food Ex

best-ice-cream-sundaeLove is on at Food Ex with their Honey moon special! Made of mixed fruit and jell-o and served with a scoop each of mango, chocolate, butterscotch and strawberry ice creams, this one is a heady mix of flavours that come garnished with sauces and nuts. And oh yes, even the unmarried can have a go at this! It’s legal!


Signature Brownie Bar with Truffle Roll @ Radisa

Watch magic unfold as the gentle heat coaxes the sinfully delicious brownie bar open and has the delightfully scrumptious truffle roll graciously making way. Indulge in the heat-n-eat Radisa’s signature Brownie Bar with Truffle Roll.

Strawberry Kulfi @ Barbeque Nation

If the standard kulfi was put through a makeover, then this would be the end result! Made of strawberry crush, you also get toppings of chocolate vermicelli, coloured and silver balls, almonds and caramel sauce.

Darsaan @Mekong, Green Park

Crispy flat noodles with that aromatic hint of honey and a set off to the crunch is the cold, sweet and superb flavoured jaggery ice cream. A combination that will set off all the positive vibes of foodie heaven that Vizag can give.

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