Dog’s best friend: An animal lover from Vizag serves the voiceless strays

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Visalakshi, a member of the animal lovers club VSPCA (Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animals) in Vizag, serves the community by serving the voiceless strays in her area. She interacts with Jaya Siva Murty.

Living with kindness

While her love for animals started when she was only a child, Visalakshi cites the motivation to be her parents. “They were always kind and would feed the strays near our house in Kakinada.” When her work life brought her to Vizag in 2011, the animal lover continued to help the strays in her neighbourhood too. She then became a part of the VSPCA Animal Lovers Club, which is made up of approximately 60 members.

Team of animal lovers

From one end of the city to the other, the team does everything in its capacity for the strays. Visalakshi, like the other members, provides them with food, water and medicines. When animals require more than basic care, they are taken to a shelter or a hospital where surgeries, birth control operations, care after accidents, and secure places are provided for puppies and the mother. Once weaned, puppies are also given for adoption to loving families.

Acts of cruelty

As any true animal lover, Visalakashi is moved to tears when she recalls tales of horror and atrocities towards the voiceless strays. From being mercilessly beaten up to maimed and tied to cycles, ill-treated and often abandoned, she laments on the direction where humanity is headed. “Many speak about dogs biting people, but few know of the atrocities against these animals,” she shares. “Children and youth are often to blame,” she feels, as parents are often unaware of what their kids are up to and youth illtreat animals to boost their own ego, she feels.

Random acts of kindness

Acts of kindness are however the light at the end of the tunnel. Visalakshi takes the example of her neighbours, who not only look after their dog and treat it like family but have also adopted a street-dog that had been abandoned due to a skin infection. Personally, her daily routine involves a visit to her four-legged friends. “Each member feeds strays at least once a day, with either curd rice, chicken rice or egg rice.”

Taking action

“Just like humans, dogs too need food, water, a place to live and some affection. However, they are unable to ask for it,” the animal lover shares. Every Vizagite can play a part by feeding the strays in their area, providing them with water to drink and a space to live. Also, if you see an animal in distress, take a picture and share it with one of the members. Those interested can also donate in the form of food which is currently being funded from the pockets of these individuals. One can even support by spreading awareness and volunteering for the cause.

Today, she lives with her dog in Vizag as she works at VITAM. “My dog offers me the companionship and love I require and even though my parents don’t stay with me here, I don’t feel lonely”, she shares. Heading about her daily routine of spreading her love to animals after finishing her work at college, we wish her and the like-minded team of animal lovers the best. May her tribe increase.

If you see an animal in distress, contact Vivek (VSPCA) – 9705788448, Visalakshi – 9399929623

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