Visakhapatnam weather looks at rain from deep depression over next few days

credits: The Hindu

Weather alert!! Visakhapatnam weather looks at rain likely over the next few days owing to a well marked deep depression in Bay of Bengal.

Visakhapatnam weather looks choppy with a likely chance of cyclonic rainfall as a well marked depression is developing over Bay of Bengal in the area of North Coastal Andhra Pradesh. The current conditions are that of a low pressure and the weather forecast indicates that it will most likely develop into a deep depression on Thursday. The city and district of Visakhapatnam will receive heavy to very heavy rainfall on December 8th with wind speeds around 40 to 50 kmph.

These conditions were anticipated at Southern Coastal Andhra Pradesh in the districts of Krishna and Nellore but now it has moved up coast. The weather officials at Cyclone Warning Center have clarified that under no circumstances will the depression intensify into a cyclone. With the cyclonic havoc witnessed by everyone across India in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, there was a certain amount of scare in the city but Visakhapatnam weather forecast points to nothing of that magnitude.

Warnings have been issued to the fisherman and people to avoid venturing with the raging wind speeds and squally weather. People are requested to be prepare and exercise caution.

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