Kala from Visakhapatnam is a woman who is striving for a greener society

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Kala of Visakhapatnam makes the world a greener place by planting trees.

“Trees are earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven”. And complementing this quote of Rabindranath Tagore, is a lady who contributes through her effort on earth.

Right since her childhood, Kala has always been interested in planting trees. She pursued this as her hobby until Visakhapatnam was struck by the Cyclone HudHud. Seeing the large-scale depletion of the green cover, Kala took it upon herself to restore Visakhapatnam to its ever-beautiful greenery. Along with her friend Supraja Borthwick, she started planting saplings and trees in her colony. Today, she even takes up calls from people who are interested in growing plants in their localities. Kala helps such people by going to their place and planting trees of their choice. And she does it free of charge. Offering services such as providing manure and other supplements to the plants, she strictly advises people to take care of these trees by properly watering them. Definitely a selfless service that stands as a true testimony of her dedication towards making our habitat eco-friendly, she and her friend hold the merit of having planted as many as four thousand plants in the city.

Kala is also a fervent advocate of proper sanitation. After Cyclone HudHud, she took the initiative of cleaning up the colony and encouraged her neighbors to do the same. Along with her colony members, she helped design push-carts for collecting garbage and presented them to the GVMC. Thanks to these carts, it’s much easier now for the garbage collectors to keep the roads clean.
We salute this selfless green crusader, who makes our city a better place, one tree at a time.

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