Visakhapatnam MLA makes an appeal for Vizag railway zone

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Image Credits: Facebook/Penmetsa Vishnu Kumar Raju

Visakhapatnam North MLA P Vishnu Kumar Raju, on Thursday, renewed the request for establishing Vizag railway zone in the area. The BJP leader, who met Union Railway Minister, Piyush Goyal in Nellore, submitted a memorandum requesting him to sanction the much-coveted railway zone.

The Visakhapatnam MLA highlighted the fact for the past many decades, there has been a demand from the people of Andhra Pradesh for a special railway zone, with Visakhapatnam as its headquarters. “We the Andhra Pradesh BJP leaders have also informed the public that the ‘Railway Zone’ would be given to Andhra Pradesh, during our Elections campaigns in 2014 General Elections (sic),” the memorandum read.

Mentioning that the issue of a separate railway zone has now become a sentiment for the people of Andhra Pradesh, Vishnu Kumar Raju appealed Piyush Goyal to announce Vizag Railway Zone at the earliest.

Reportedly, the two BJP leaders discussed the issue of railway zone for about 10 minutes on Thursday. A report also claimed that Goyal responded positively and said that soon, several decisions would be taken in this regard.

The issue of Vizag Railway Zone has been wavering for quite some time now. Earlier, it was reported that a parliamentary sub-committee is still studying the feasibility of setting up a separate railway zone in the state.

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