The Visakhapatnam Jugaad System


While many people are crying over the demonetisation process, Vizagities are thinking of innovative ways to deal with it. With the massive cash crisis in the country, shopkeepers of the port city are facing problems to return the loose change while transacting with the 2000 rupee notes. The shopkeepers in Vizag city have adopted a jugaad system where they are giving out coupons instead of loose cash which can be used to purchase things in the next shopping spree.

These coupons are handed out separately by the shop owner with the shop stamp or the signature of the shop owner on it. People find it difficult to get the change for Rs 2000 as Rs 50 and Rs 100 notes are scarce. Here the jugaad system comes into play as not many local shops accept credit and debit card swiping. Due to demonetisation, a lot of shopkeepers lost their customers as nobody had change back then. To rise from this situation, the coupon system came into existence.

Even the liquor shops have adapted themselves to use such coupons. Liquor store owners use the holograms on the wine bottles on the issuing coupons as a mark of originality. Different shops have adjusted themselves to this money scarce situation after demonetisation because the banks have inadequate amount of Rs 100 notes and loose change is not available for all the customers. Besides being helpful, this coupon system is fruitful to the shopkeepers, as giving out coupons ensures that the customer returns to the same shop for shopping and this gradually maintains a friendly relation between the customer and the shop owner.

Different shopkeepers from the city have already adapted to this token/coupon system and expect that civilians will also play along. While Vizagites were initially hesitant to this system, a lot of people gradually have adjusted themselves to this change and we hope that more and more people support this friendly system till the market is filled again with loose change and an abundance of Rs 100 and Rs 50 notes.

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