6 egg dishes in Visakhapatnam that no foodie can miss

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Jamaican Egg Salad

Delicious and packed with nutrition, eggs can be cooked and enjoyed in umpteen ways. Get set for an ‘egg’citing ride as we bring six of the many finger-licking good egg dishes from Visakhapatnam.

Anda Dal Tadka

This dal comes as a surprisingly delicious blend of our favourite yellow dal and anda bhurji. Made all the more flavourful with authentic spices and the blazing tadka, this wholesome dish can be best relished with soft phulkas or piping hot rotis.

Where: New Dhaba City Punjab

French Omelette

A soft and tender omelette, served with toasted brown bread slices, is what awaits you in this platter. While the addition of grated carrot comes as the omelette’s signature, the mild sweet tinge lends the typical panache, making it quite a hit with the crowds.

Where: The Egg Stop and Mexico’s Chicken Poppers

Jamaican Egg Salad

Making the regular egg salad fascinating is this Jamaican version. With a fried egg that is made with select Jamaican spices as its distinct feature, this variety comes along with the goodness of fresh veggies. It can be further savoured with an additional topping of cheese.

Where: Gluttons Garage

Cheese Burst Egg Burger

A fluffy bun, topped with an overwhelming layer of cheese and veggies, makes you fall for it at first sight. A hollowed burger stuffed with a whisked egg, along with cheese, spinach and crunchy vegetables, this variant comes highly recommended.

Where: Happyoi

Anda Bhurji

The ubiquitous anda bhurji, as it is known locally, is a dish that would never go out of flavour. With chopped onions, green chillies, beaten eggs, and fiery masala powders, the bhurji here is prepped up in the classic street style.

Where: Opposite III Town Police Station, Visakhapatnam

Double Egg Yippee Noodles

Soft, spicy and appetising, the Yippee noodles here are all you could ask for to rejuvenate your spirits. Topped with finely chopped onions, the ‘down noodles’, as they’re famously called, have a signature flair and are best rejoiced while retiring by the gushing waves of the evening beach.

Where: Rushikonda Beach, Visakhapatnam

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