Visakhapatnam Events – Visakha Utsav 2017, bigger celebrations with 5 Crores estimated budget

Vizag utsav 2017

This year, Visakha Utsav which is one of the most anticipated among Visakhapatnam Events is all set to be bigger and better with 5 Crores sanctioned budget for spend.

The Visakhapatnam Collector is going the proactive way by asking concerned officials involved in Visakha Utsav to engage people better. Officials are coordiating with business establishments and owners in the city for giving the people of Visakhapatnam something to celebrate on all three days in the course of events. There are thus plans of Discounts and Gift Coupons and luck draws and gifts for people.

Mark the dates as events will be like never before. December 28, 29 and 30 are the dates of Visakha Utsav. The budget for the event is generous at 5 crores.Garment shop owners, automobile stores, jewellery stores and more are being encouraged for engaging public better with gifts and more. The final aim being providing people with festivities and celebrations galore.

Possible plans

Gifts in the categories of bike, necklaces etc and may be a car for the final day. The Collector of Visakhapatnam has said that it could be individually or on branch basis.

Hospitality agencies have plans to light up and throw a bright festive atmosphere. Hotels and restaurants will be illuminated and they are discussing the details.

A delectable selection of Andhra dishes will be on offer for visitors as they run through the course of events all fueled up.

The Visakha utsav will have the main event on RK Beach while other places in visakhapatnam are being roped in too. VUDA Park and Shilparamam Jaathara will host flower show and culturals respectively. The committees for different working heads such as culturals, entertainment, security, stall, sanitation etc have been formed and are working hard to ensure a good show.

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