Toilet – Oka Visakhapatnam Katha


Visakhapatnam is progressing in leaps and bounds and having been adjudged the third cleanest city is taking it forward. This time it is an extension of the Bollywood movie, Toilet – Ek Prem Katha but the difference is that it is 100% real in Visakhapatnam. The district will become open defecation free by March 2018 and an action plan has been prepared for it.

A sight for sore eyes open defecation is a reality that India has to endure. Unhygienic and humiliating the truth is it has no place in our district where the campaign of Swachh Visakha is in full Vizag. As per reports by The Hindu, a total of 2.4 lakh toilets are yet to be constructed and this is being planned for completion by February 2018. A ‘Swachh Visakha’ workshop was conducted yesterday where the plans were discussed. It was well attended by special officers of Assembly constituencies, nodal officers, mandal development officers, extension officers and tahsildars.

District Collector has stressed on work in toilet construction across Visakhapatnam district to be given prime importance. Making Visakhapatnam open defecation free with toilet facilities is a big step forward in a country like India which still suffers. Plague of poor sanitation is rampant and undermines the developmental status of a nation. Not one to lag behind, our district is moving forward to secure basic sanitation to it’s people.

Just like in the movie where one man’s efforts changes a mind set, one district of Visakhapatnam setting an example would go a long way. Toilet, a small thing for most of us is a still a luxury for many.

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