The 5 best cocktails in the city of Visakhapatnam

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While there are most places catering to the taste buds of Visakhapatnam alcohol and cocktail aficionados, there are always favorites. Every city has cocktails that carry a distinct flavor of the spirit and a certain twist to their mixing. Competent bartenders and stylish mixologists in Visakhapatnam keep our alcohol appetites alive and mood peppy. Let’s look at the enduring favorite cocktails of Visakhapatnam guzzlers.

Malibu Lemonade @Aqua, The Park

About it – A shot of Malibu(rum) to liven up the Cranberry and Lemon Soda  fizz.

It’s fresh, fizzy and fantastic and goes easy on you if you are newbie to the world of cocktail appreciation. A very delectable spread of barbecue and food menu goes along with your drink perfectly.

Pina Colada @Vue, Novotel

About it – A frosty and frothy blend of frozen pineapple juice, coconut cream and white rum and Malibu.

Its the tropical stunner in drinks and a crowd favorite. The fruit flavors and the citric twist give your rums an extra kick. Go with the flow and try out their superb sea food appetizers to go.

L.I.T @Dusk, The Palm Beach

About it – A powerhouse among drinks, Long Island Ice Tea combines vodka, rum, gin, tequila, triple sec and ice with a good shake. The cola is then added for a little color.

This cocktail gets Vizag into a party mood but as said earlier Lightweights should best avoid it. Do try the snacks and salads of the house and the crowd recommends it.

Mojito @Marco Polo, ITC Grandbay

About it – Traditionally  made with white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and crushed mint, this drink is a favourite for social drinking in Vizag circles.

It’s refreshing and keeps you peppy with no unpleasant hangover baggage the next day. It has its variants in flavours of peach, cranberry etc for what keeps your yummy on. Chase the drinks but have your fill of appetizing goodies from their classy menu.

Chinese Cosmopolitan @Mekong, Green Park

About it – A twist on the classic, the Chinese Cosmopolitan infuses Asian Flavors to the drink. Enjoyable variant this one.

An Asian twist of Lychee has Vizag drooling over this classsy and cool drink. An accompaniment of their fantastic pan asian cuisine makes this an all round crowd pleasure. Vizag is really excited about this.

Now that you have the low down on the best watering holes in town and what they serve best, your weekend plans can be put into place. No more trial and error and time wastage. Vizag recommends and it’s worth a try. If we missed a favourite, send us whispers and a round in the comments.

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