Creatures in WhatsApp video from Vizag identified as Barn Owls

barn owls, visakhapatnam, aliens
barn owls

Many of you must have come across the video from Visakhapatnam where two “unidentified” creatures surprise the people of the building in which they were found. The creatures, which have been described as “aliens” by many, possessed of unique features including downward-facing beaks and heart-shaped faces.

However, the creatures have now been identified as Barn owls, scientifically called as Tyto Abla. The members of Vizag’s Bird Watchers Society have claimed that the creatures in the video appear different because they are offsprings and don’t grow feathers. They entirely depend on their mother’s care for food and protection. It has also been informed that it is not advisable to disturb their serenity by clicking too many pictures, as there’s a grave risk that these birds might even be harmed due to the potential commotion.

These birds, which are classified as the nocturnal class (being active only during nights), are effective in controlling the rodent population, making them useful for farmers.

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