Mass cheating at the TTC examination centre opens up


A decent teacher can inspire courage, kindle the imagination, and instill a love of knowledge. But what will happen when you get to know that your future teacher is himself caught in malpractices and cheating. Yes you heard it right. This is the present scenario of the TTC exam conducted by the government at Dhone on Friday. About 250 candidates were allotted Zilla parishad girls high school at kothapetea as examination centre.

Seven applicants out of 250 are said to have skipped the exam. The government has deputed 10 examiners while 3 headmasters as checking squad to the TTC exams. Apart from this, the invigilators and checking squad were said to have turned blind towards this mass copying which gave chance for cheating.

Rumours were that the college management has bribed the examiners and checking squads which was the reason that the so called future teachers were left free for mass copying. Besides this one constable was seen sitting outside the examination centre where the examiners alerted the applicants to throw away the chits that were brought by them on the arrival of media.

Headmistress kalavathi has totally refused to accept about the mass copying reports at the centre. However she later confessed that she has seized some copy chits from the applicants while making rounds at the classrooms. On the other hand, mandal education officer Prabhakar did not respond when contacted over phone.

Credits: Hans India

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