NGO In Visakhapatnam Setting Up The WOW Factor!!

Trendsetters Wealth Out of Waste Vizag

Education plays a major role in our lives, what we are today and what one would be in the future is decided by it in most cases. Every parent wants to see their child happy and aims to provide good education to them. Education is essential in this competitive world; as it makes a person strong mentally, socially and intellectually as well. Education is key as it can provide a plethora of opportunities for a person to excel in life. So, supporting education and its importance is Trendsetters Charitable Trust. They have come up with the idea of ‘WOW’, where one can donate old books, textbooks, study materials, guides and more.

What is WOW?

WOW, meaning ‘Wealth Out of Waste’, is a project initiated by the NGO Trendsetters of Vizag. This project involves helping school students by providing them with books and notebooks that would help them with their education. Many children in our city and also from tribal areas have limited accessibility to their right to education, as their financial conditions do not allow them to buy notebooks, textbooks etc.

The Motive

The motive behind this idea is to provide help to the school-going students, by providing them with textbooks and notebooks, as government and private schools of some towns and villages provide only a limited number of books. Since this is the beginning of the new academic year it would be apt to help students by providing them with study materials, books and notebooks.

Date Extension

One could originally donate books till 12 June 2017, but as the message is travelling to various places of the city too, the date has been extended till 20 June. Around 50 members have donated books, study materials and anything meant for reading purpose so far, including even magazines and newspapers.

The Future

The NGO has collected books belonging from different streams like engineering, MBA etc. They have also collected many storybooks. So the next step is to come up with a library where students can borrow books from different streams. The NGO also focuses on environmental issues and hence they collect newspapers for recycling. So it would be a great help if we could donate the old newspapers bundled up at our homes. From the money obtained (by the recycling of newspapers) the NGO would buy new textbooks and notebooks for the school students who require help. So experience the WOW in giving!

The NGO has come up with another initiative named ‘Save the Sparrow’ as sparrows help in pollination. But due to rapid urbanisation and extreme shortage of feeding and nesting grounds they are becoming extinct, which would topple the balance of nature. So to save our environment and birds all we need to do is to place a bird feeder in our backyards or any outdoor area of your home. We can fill the feeders with millets, rice, wheat and pulses. The price of the bird feeder that lasts for years is only Rs.100. So join the Trendsetters to make a change!

For further details (to donate books or any information regarding the bird feed), contact Vivek Rathod at 9052797234

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