7 Stupid Trends That Rocked 2016


Ever glimpsed at an old picture of yours and thought how stupid you were? Well, not changing the trend, 2016 has been a year filled with trends and fashion which absolutely made no sense, yet have been followed by many. Here are seven such trends which we’re sure you would have followed,  despite their ridiculousness.

Mannequin Challenge

Have you seen a busy market or a happening pub remaining frozen at the beat of Black Beatles song by Rae Sremmurd?  Well, then  that’s the challenge which made people statues and look stupid.

Kylie Jenner Challenge

Attracted by flawless make up, designer clothes and lavish lifestyle, Kylie’s perfect pout has been much envied among teens, so much that they went to try different methods to achieve the look. One such ridiculous method was sticking lips into a shot glass and sucking in air which makes their lips bulged. Stupid isn’t it? Couldn’t help but it’s on the second in list.

Complicated Braids

Having long or short hair isn’t the thing unless it has been complicated with twists and turns. Adding to this complication would be flowers, clips, bands and rainbow colored hair.

Ripped Jeans

Much trended among the youth is this torn jeans which has been little too over rated, so much that you aren’t trendy if you don’t have your legs shown out of these small holes in your jeans.

Cakey Makeup

You aren’t hot enough if you fail to have a number of layers on your face which makes you look fully decked up adding to these layers would be extra winged eyeliners and glittery lips which was surprisingly in trend and on faces.

Stiletto Nails

The wildest and so called sophisticated trend of having really really pointy, longs nails on your fingers with flashy glitters or matte paints has been a thing for many girls. However, we fail to understand why would someone want to bruise themselves while washing their faces.


You have not been in trend if you haven’t tried out enacting to the most senseless dialogues or songs and uploading them on social media. Like how ridiculously jobless can one be?

I’m sure you guys have tried to do all of these senseless trends not because you are stupid but to make yourself look like one.

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