5 reasons why Visakhapatnam is a great place for people from Metros

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We all know what a lovely city Visakhapatnam is.  We all have our very own reasons to love this place. It has also been a warm home for those who come here from other cities. After talking to many such people, we have come to know that they’re in love with Vizag for several reasons. So here are five reasons that were commonly mentioned as to why they’ve liked Vizag more than the metros.

The Scenic beauty of Visakhapatnam(the mainstay of the five reasons for many)

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Aptly named as the “Jewel of the East coast”, Vizag is a major tourist attraction in our state. Apart from the tourists, the people coming in here from the metros are also mesmerised by its beauty. Beautifully sandwiched between lush green hills and the deep blue sea waters, Visakhapatnam gives a fresh vibe to anyone who visits here from a busy and a hectic city.

The calm and peaceful atmosphere

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Since many years, Vizag has always been popular as a peaceful and a calm city. Despite its many cultures, the people here have always lived in harmony. They are warm-hearted and are cordial towards others. This makes people from other places feel at ease and gives them a feeling of a second home.

Lesser Traffic congestions


It’s really frustrating to get stuck for hours in a traffic jam. You really feel cramped for room and keep inching endlessly to reach your destination. Thanks to our city’s lesser vehicle density, we are lucky not to be experiencing such long traffic jams (at least for now). People who have been experiencing the heavy traffic jams of the metros feel a great relief here. They can even experience the blissful night rides on our city’s roads.

Lower Cost of living


The rates of many things in our city are pretty reasonable. They are much lesser as compared to those in the metros. This not only helps in reducing the cost of living but also makes it possible to live happily with modest salaries as well. From groceries to houses, things here can be comfortably spent upon by those who come in from metros.

The Cleanliness

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Vizag has bagged the third spot in the recently released list of the cleanest cities in India. The GVMC, along with the cooperation of the people, has been managing to keep our localities pretty much neat. Barring some places that still need work to be done, the city has been pretty much spotless in the last few years. This has taken the visitors by a pleasant surprise and has given them another reason to like Vizag.

Apart from these five reasons, there are other reasons as well why this city has been so special for all of us. Do let us know what your five reasons to love this city are!

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