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Tollywood’s 5 directors in the recent past with brilliant debuts

There’s a new vibe that has been gripping Tollywood off-late. While the tried and tested commercial formulas still manage to keep the audiences hooked, it is the newer thought-provoking scripts that are striking a chord with the new age filmmakers and the moviegoers. The producers too need to be appreciated for backing these budding directors and giving them the opportunity to narrate their stories to the world. Here are 5 such new age film directors who have impressed the audience in the past few years.

#5 Ravikanth Perepu

With Kshanam, Ravikanth Perepu succeeded in hitting a chord with the audience right away. The movie infused a fresh air of life into the thriller genre of Telugu films. From scripting a gripping storyline to knitting a tight screenplay, Ravikanth came out trumps in executing Kshanam with perfection.

#4 Tharun Bhascker

Pellichoopulu set a trend of the new age rom-coms in Telugu. A youthful entertainer that had a unique concept and announced the arrival of Vijay Devarakonda, Tharun Bhascker’s Pellichoopulu proved to be one of 2016’s most special films.

#3 Sankalp Reddy

Sankalp Reddy holds the distinction of directing India’s first underwater was drama. The fact that he chose the genre for his debut film, makes it all more special. Managing to pull off the technicalities brilliantly, Sankalp won accoloades from across the country.

#2 Sandeep Reddy Vanga

movies, tollywoodArjun Reddy can be considered as a gamechanger in Tollywood. A film that took the box office by storm, Arjun Reddy was hailed for multiple aspects. Be it the bold script, or the impressive narration, or even the brilliant performances, Sandeep Reddy set new benchmarks for a debut film.

#1 Prasanth Varma

Tollywood is currently in ‘Awe’ and we have one man to thank. Prasanth Varma is currently the talk of the town for delievering a pathbreaking film right on his debut. Awe is busy bowling over the critics and audience with its out of the box script and other brilliant executions.

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