5 reasons why you need to watch Awe

Awe, tollywood

Tollywood’s latest weekend has new colours with Awe hitting the screens on Friday. The movie, which is produced by Nani and Prashanti Tipirneni, has kept the movie lovers intrigued ever since it was first announced. Holding true to the excitement generated, the movie, right since its first screening, has been receiving rave reviews all over. Here are the 5 reasons why you need to watch this brilliant film by debutant Prasanth Varma.

#5 The “all-genre” film

You can’t really tell what’s the genre of Awe when someone asks you for it. Suspense, comedy, emotions, drama, thrills, the film has a bit of everything loaded into it, in masterful proportions. As director Prasanth Varma aptly said, you might probably call Awe as a “genre-bender”-something that hits you right on your face when you’re setting in for a particular genre.

#4 The Entertainment quotient

Even though the film deals with multiple facets within its runtime of 115 minutes, it manages to run high on the entertainment quotient. The characters of Priyadarshi (a wannabe chef), Murli Sharma (an arrogant magician), Nithya Menen (a psychiatrist), and of course, the fish (dubbed by Nani) and the tree (dubbed by Ravi Teja), succeed in sharing a fair share of laughs to the audience and help the film breeze along its super exciting plot.

#3 The whole cinematic experience

Awe, in addition to its brilliant script and characterizations, keeps the audience hooked with its top-notch cinematography and music score. While Cinematographer Karthik Gattamneni provides the best-suited visuals for the film’s plot, music director Mark Robin comes on top by setting the perfect tone for each sequence in the film. Prasanth Varma’s narrative too draws the audience into the film and keeps them intrigued throughout.

#2 The AWEsome plot

A brilliant plot powered by some strong performances and a mind-boggling climax make Awe hard to miss. Watch it without knowing anything about its story or the twists, and get set to have your mind blown.

#1 A film so desperately needed by Tollywood

Amidst all the mainstream commercial lot that deals with the grisly revenge sagas and melodramatic love stories, Awe comes as a rejuvenating fresh breath of air. The producers need to be appreciated for backing such an “out of the box” script by a debutant and for coming out trumps with an impeccable execution. Awe will (hopefully) mark the onset of something truly remarkable in Telugu film industry and bring about the much-needed change in filmmaking.

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