No Toilets For Visitors At Vizag Airport!


Facing a peculiar problem are the Vizagites who go to the airport to send off or receive their loved ones. These visitors are not allowed to use the toilets in the airport. However, this would be a problem in-case the flight is delayed by a couple of hours, claim the visitors.

The visitors complain that there is not a single toilet in the terminal building for them to use.  Also the visitors are not allowed to enter into the building without the entry ticket and the visitors have no access to the toilets as they are meant only for the travelling passengers.

Learning from the complaints of the visitors the Visakhapatnam North MLA and BJP Floor leader in the assembly  P. Vishnu Kumar Raju said, “The toilet for visitors should be located in one corner of the terminal building and should be accessible from outside for the convenience of visitors. The facilities in the ladies toilet inside the airport are ‘awful’ and need to be rectified immediately.

When the issue was taken to the notice of the Airport Director Vinod Sharma, he accepted that there is no toilet in the terminal building and there’s one situated really far away as it was constructed long ago. However he said that he will talk to the Commissioner of Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation and make sure that there will be two e-toilets set up for the visitor’s benefits. Adding to this he said that the toilets in the building are under renovation.

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  1. I am noticed this matter to OUR VIZAG MP Mr HARI bABU AND Minister Ashok Gajapathiraju through Social media 1 yr back….But nobody responded .Why these MP’S’ talk about SWATCHA bHARATH ..Pl respond…

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