Three missing girls from Vizag traced in Bengaluru

Three missing girls from Vizag traced in Bengaluru
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The three girls who had gone missing in Vizag, earlier on Monday, were traced at the Majestic Bus Station in Bengaluru on 22 February 2020. Speaking to the media, Inspector of Dwarakanagar Police Station, Y Murali Rao informed that the girls will be brought back to Vizag, before Sunday.

As reported earlier, three sisters, aged 17, 20 and 22, are residents of Dwaraka Nagar area in Visakhapatnam. On 17 February 2020, they had left their home. The following day, the girls’ parents received a text message from them, stating that they were going to kill themselves, and further instructed the parents not to look for them. The phone from which the text was sent had been switched off.

The local police were alerted about the turn of events, post which three special teams were constituted to search for the sisters. All the common suicide points, in and around Vizag were thoroughly searched by the cops, before looking for the missing girls in other cities.

Police officials stated that three specially constituted teams visited Tirupati, Chennai, and Bengaluru, in this regard. Meanwhile, the girls informed the worried parents that they were in Chennai, trying to mislead them. However, the Vizag Police confirmed that the girls were in Bengaluru and finally traced them there on Friday. An initial investigation confirmed that the trio had absconded as they didn’t want to be a financial burden on their father, who works as a watchman.

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