Visakhapatnam’s barber who is setting an example to others by serving the specially abled

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charan kumar in action

Snipping and trimming, Charan Kumar G offers his professional skills to make a difference. In a world where we think help to the needy can only be given through food or money, Charan Kumar, a barber from Visakhapatnam in India,  proves that such is not the case. Offering the unique service of giving haircuts free of charge, he fills a gap that many fail to see.

It all started when he was seven years old and circumstances led him to quit school and work at his uncle’s salon. He quickly mastered the trade, and after working at various salons, set up one on his own. His customer-list was growing, but it was a visit to an orphanage eleven years ago where he came across a visually impaired boy with a bleeding ear. The wound had occurred accidentally during a haircut, the boy revealed. Moved by this, Charan casually told the kid that he would cut his hair the next time. Charan received a call from the orphanage and thus began his work through service.

Since then Charan, along with his team have given over a hundred haircuts a day, covering 10 orphanages and a few old-age homes. Kids at the blind school, orphanages and even the elderly at old-age homes eagerly wait for him. Sharing that this work gives him happiness and bliss, he also encourages his customers to spend some portion of their money for social services as well.

“Today the kids and the elderly look forward to meeting me as much as I look forward to meeting them.” With goodwill, prayers and good wishes being his treasured accolades, he also tries to instill a sense of sanitation and hygiene in the children’s lives. “I keep educating them and now they ensure that they wash their hair prior to getting a haircut from me.” His skill has earned him a good name among his customers as a reliable hairstylist, but his compassion has earned him the everlasting gratitude of the blind and orphans and the respect of the city. May his tribe increase.

Now, how inspiring is this story folks!

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