5 Things You Could Do This #BFFDay

“God made us best friends as he knows my Mom can’t handle us as siblings!” Exactly true for everyone who has an equally crazy best friend. Oh, what we’d do without them! Be it a break up heart ache or a new movie in the theatres, they definitely are our go-to pals.

Here’s a day to tell your bff how much they mean to you. (Smack them on the head if they don’t say the same!) It’s Best friends day!

Here are some must-do things which can be best done with your Best friends, especially in Vizag!

Muri Mixture by the Beach

giphy (5)

Quit the cafes for once and sit by the beach with a potli of Muri mixture in your hands. Feel the breeze and munch on the delicacy while you spill your hearts out to your best friend.

A show at a non-multiplex Cinema


Aren’t you bored of the security checks by the entrance and super quiet cinema halls? Grab your best friend and book a show at a non-multiplex. Throw the tickets in the air and shout your guts out when the hero makes his so-called heroic entrance!

A visit to the craft bazaars by the Beach

giphy (2)

To hell with the AC malls and empty-your-pocket prizes. Visit one of the Craft Bazaars by the Beach. Stroll, hand in hand, through the stalls and see who excels in this game and who can bargain the crap out of the seller!

Say no to the virtual greetings!

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Oh, please! As we said it’s Best friends day, don’t start typing hurriedly a “Happy Best friends day!!!” with a hell lotta smileys on your WhatsApp personal chat. Pay them a surprise visit. If yours is a long distance friendship, call them on Skype or send them the cutest greeting card you can find!

Go on an adventure

giphy (4)

Be it a visit to the Paintball Arena (Bunker n Bonkers) near Senora resorts or blowing the air off your grumpy neighbor’s car, opt for a super crazy adventure to which you can laugh on when you get old!

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