‘The Trip’-web series by Bindass

web series the trip

It’s mid week and work has already begun to crawl up our heads and give us a head ache. Take a break and follow the interesting web series by Bindass – The Trip. This web series has all it takes to lighten up your mood and give you a fresh perspective towards life after every episode.

It is an episodic youth show which has a story of four girls who go on a road trip from Delhi to Thailand. The channel got Lakme, Ford Eco Sport and Myntra on board for the show. This web series is a coming-of-age story of four friends, who go on a road trip to Thailand and realise their friendship through the journey.

The road trip is a part of one of the friends’ bachelorette celebrations. As they set off on this journey, there comes an emotional roller coaster that establishes the relationships that they share with one another and with their own self.

This show contains 13 episodes which stars the gorgeous Lisa Hayden, Mallika Dua, Sapna Pabbi and Shweta Tripathi. Each episode is 15 minutes long and it showcases the celebration of bachelorette of one of the girls. This youth show is women centric and reflects the young youth life on our country.

So sit back, grab your laptop and tune in to Bindass to watch this amazing web series which will surely refresh you.

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