The rules of bromance according to the ‘Bro-Code’

Every man on this planet can understand the vitality of ‘bromance’ in his life. Every guy has that one friend who is more like a family to him. Nobody can understand a man better than his close friends and hence every guy out there needs to know the Bro-Code inside out to avoid all the awkward situations. The Bro-Code is the book of certain unsaid rules of a man’s friendship with another one that we all must agree to abide by. Here is the list of rules you need to follow whenever you hang out with your friends aka best buddies.

  • Always have bro’s back because you’re no friend unless you can watch out for him. Go a step ahead and take care of him.
  • You literally know nothing if his girlfriend asks you anything about him as you gotta keep all of his secrets. Change the topic immediately and make sure your bro knows about the situation.
  • It is your duty to get him the girl he’s been crushing over. What sweeter than becoming a wingman of your bro in a party full of hot girls.
  • A wingman is never supposed to put his bro down in front of the girl. If the wingman makes the man look bad in front of the target, other bros are totally entitled to bash him up later.
  • There are four things about your bro that you must respect no matter what the situation is – his house, his parents, his girlfriend and most importantly, his car.
  • Try all you can to stop him from hooking up with somebody ugly when he’s drunk. He will surely thank you later.
  • Never EVER get involved with his sister even if she is his cousin. It is one of the biggest violations of the Bro-Code.
  • You must never leave your bro alone without any ride. No matter how much you are getting late, there is no way you are letting him walk more than half a kilometer.
  • A bro never humiliates the other one no matter how hideous is the girl he hooked up with. Back him up and lines like – “Of course it wasn’t him, it was the alcohol” will work in his favor.
  • The bro code permits the entry of a girl as the new bro only if she proves to be worthy of the honour and by common concession, of course. Even if a girl manages to enter the bro gang, you shall never reveal the bro code to her.
  • Never allow your bro to drive in drunken state. If a sloshed bro needs to be sent back home, arrangements shall be made for the same at any cost. Stealing others’ car keys is totally allowed if necessary for the moment.
  • Whet ever your bro does in the drunken state is forgivable and justified. Never reveal his drunken deed in front of his girl and make excuses for him whenever required. He would do the same for you when you are not in your consciousness.
  • Your bro is not allowed to text his ex when drunk. In case his girl calls, take his phone into your custody and only return it when he’s sober.
  • In the absence of your bro, you are his girlfriend’s protector. You shall ride her to wherever she wants and keep her safe.
  • A bro always advices his bro with the best tips to approach a girl. It is a bro’s duty to encourage his bro to become an Alpha-Bro.
  • Never sleep with your bro’s ex-girlfriend. If you are attracted to your bro’s ex, you shall not make a pass at her without taking his permission. If he wants you to stay away from her, you shall abide by his request.
  • Make a point to look after your bro once he blacks out. Tell him about the night after he dosed off no matter how ugly it is. This is how trust is build.
  • A bro shall never let another bro get his girlfriend’s name tattooed. Enough said.
  • Shoot any girl who is trying to come between your bromance. She is just jealous because she’ll never know what being a part of a bro code means.
  • If your bro is broke, the bro code demands you to treat him. In no case shall he be left hungry, or homeless.
  • If a bro is unable to pitch in money for beer, other bros shall cover him. He shall not be deprived of the holy potion.
  • A bro shall always be forgiven. Bros are for life, there is nothing a bro can do to deserve hatred. Unless he gets involved with your girlfriend. In that case, punch him in the face.FeatureImageCredits:BollyPad

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