UK MP Tobias Ellwood Administers CPR To Injured Cop During Terror Attack

Terror Attack
UK MP Tobias Ellwood, London Terror Attack

During the recent terror attack in London, when all politicians huddled to safety, UK MP Tobias Ellwood rushed to give CPR to an injured cop. In such situations everyone’s first instinct is to run to safety but there are some people whose first instinct is to protect others and Tobias is one such person.

With loss of precious lives, the recent terror attack in London has left people shaken and angry. Driving at a high speed onto Westminster Bridge the killer went on stabbing random people on his way. As asked to, the MPs of the parliament huddle up in the parliament in a safe place and waited for the police to handle the situation, all except one. MP Ellwood risked his life and rushed to help a cop who had been stabbed during the attack.

Until medical help arrived, he pressed on his wounds to stop the bleeding and gave CPR to the cop. At that moment, he was seen pumping the officer’s chest then standing above him, his hands and face smeared with blood, but unfortunately the police officer didn’t survive.

Ellwood lost his brother in Bali terror attack so he isn’t unaware to the pain and trauma of losing dear ones. He has also served in the Army as a Captain from 1991 to 1996. His extraordinary effort and selfless act of courage has earned him much respect among fellow politicians as well.

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