Teachings that T.V show F.R.I.E.N.D.S gave us as a boon

boon teachings of FREINDS

What can I say that has not been already said for the show! This article is not about praising the T.V show or to promote it and nor we are being paid for writing this article. This article is all about the teachings that we got as a boon by sticking to the sofas and watching friends all day. Every another person today is a FRIENDS fan and it totally justifies because the show was not just a show, it created an era for itself which is still strong AF.

We all connect to the show for some or the other reason and the resemblance of the character in the show to the people around us make us more attached to it. It’s a common scene to spot people saying ‘WE WERE ON A BREAK’ or ‘HOW YOU DOING’, so imagine the level of attachment people have to the show that ended way back in 2004.

So we bring you a list of good and important things that we learnt from the show and how important it is to use those things in our daily lives. So here it is.


Remember the scene where Rachel gets off the plane to stay back with Ross! Yes, after lots of struggle and fights, love finds its way. It did for Monica and chandler as well who started their journey as friends to become best friends and then spouses. Phoebe literally got to married to Mike on a snowy evening in a street. You don’t need fancy place and fancy food to celebrate love. Just the emotion love is necessary and that is it. Not to forget, what Monica had with Richard was not less than a boon and was sweet as sugar.


Friends are a boon in our lives and this show totally justifies this statement. Joey and Chandler set friendship goals so high that we can’t reach it even if we use a huge ass trampoline. The love they shared always made our heart melt. The sacrifices they both made for each other were something worth learning. The way Monica handled Phoebe and Rachel in their pregnancies was remarkable and worth appreciating. The whole squad was lit when they came together and that’s exactly what we need more in our lives. Backing up each other in good and bad times is the key to maintain good relationships.


Ross married thrice and it’s OKAY. Rachel left a man at the altar and it’s OKAY. Joey threw his girlfriends wooden leg in the fireplace and it’s OKAY. Monica dated a man of her father age and it’s okay. Chandler sat naked on the lap of Monica’s dad and dated Janice and it was OKAY as well. People are different and they commit mistakes. We need to get over the issues and give them a second chance to grow again. This is how life works.


Remember when Carol fell in love with Susan and left Ross to marry her, the whole squad felt bad for Ross but there was no shadow of homophobia in anybody.  Despite thinking that Chandler was gay, everybody mingled up good with him and that was a good spirit. A better look towards homosexuality is need of the hour which the show has been teaching us for years now.


Phoebe did surrogacy for her brother while Monica adopted twins. Rachel raised a child all by herself and that was worth praising. No matter in what form the girls became mothers, their love for their children got no less just because of the way they became mothers. This is an example of good upbringing that we need to learn from the show which supports to take bold decisions and live a life of own choices.


Being your version of weird and crazy is totally cool. At least you are not copying anybody. The character of Phoebe was showcased as a weird and crazy person but was the most loved character on the show. Being unique is a gift and try to embrace it rather than trying to become like others. Everybody is different and unique and we should respect that.


People get attached to their pets on extreme level and discouraging them or passing comments is not done. Marcel was very close to Ross and so were those rat babies to Phoebe. When Rachel tried to insult those rat babies, Phoebe shut her down with a sarcastic reply. It is bad manners to behave rude to other pets because you might not feel it but they are family to other person. So you better behave and leave if got any problem.


No matter how intimidating her parents were to her, Monica always handled her parents with utmost love and affection. Joey lied to his mother about his father’s girlfriend to try and not hurt her feelings. Phoebe’s mother made her life miserable as a kid but she still respected her till that last. Rachel’s dad hated Ross but she still managed the situation instead of falling in an argument with her father. Family is the only constant that will be with you in your bad and parents are the building blocks of a healthy family and a boon by god himself.

These reasons are enough for anybody to fall n love with the simplicity of the show. Hence there is no doubt that it is rated 9/10 by IMDb and is an all time fav for vast number of people. Cheers to that.

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