Vizag A Hotbed For Swine Flu

swine flu
Swine Flu Vizag

The city of destiny is one of the most vulnerable cities to swine flu. According to the health experts, the cause for the rapid spread of this virus is due to the migration of people from different places to the city for reasons like, occupation, education, festivals and tourism.

Many of the industrial visits are being made to the city due to the presence of Steel Plant, HPCL and Port. Adding to this are tourist attractions like, the beach, Kailashgiri, temples, etc which bring in more migrants.

The fact that 60 percent of the beds provided at various corporate hospitals are in particularly filled with patients from the neighbouring places like Orissa and Chhattisgarh. Another reason for this fast spreading virus is the climatic conditions of the city. The presence of loads of moisture in the atmosphere here is one of the main reasons behind the virus surviving in the city. The present climatic condition in winter is very favourable and suitable for the spread of the disease.

This virus oriented disease is curable if the patient responds to the treatment within forty eight hours leading to no other complications. This treatment is completely dependent on the patient’s immune power and many other factors including whether or not the patient is diabetic.

Feature Image Credit: DNA India

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