Susuvidha App – Toilet Finder


SUSUVIDHA is a GPS based application that helps people find clean bathrooms and toilets near them.  It collects information. This app was developed by Mudit Tyagi who is a graduate from Columbia University. This app is a blessing for tourists as it displays all the toilets near them and provides turn-by-turn directions.


Some of the features of the app are:


  1.       Locating public toilets near the user.
  2.       This app lets the user review the toilet as well.
  3.       Gives turn-by-turn directions.
  4.       Finds a bathroom for an address.



20% of the profit generated by the app is donated to Sulabh International Service Organisation to support its adoption of Indian villages and also in the research in development of safe and cheap toilets. They focus on toilets with safe water treatment and energy generation units that use the waste products.


This app is free and is available in both Android and iOs.

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