Sunny Delights!

summer desserts
Gulab Gulkand Cheesecake, Curry Leaf Ice Cream, Mango Mousse with Roasted Banana Sauce & Coriander Jelly - Four Points by Sheraton, Visakhapatnam

Satisfy your sweet-tooth this summer with a list of summer desserts that we have put together for you. From sweet and fruity to light and creamy, and not to mention, chocolatey, they are the perfect end to a summer meal. So chuck your guilt and indulge in these sunny delights.

Gulab Gulkand Cheesecake, Curry Leaf Ice Cream, Mango Mousse with Roasted Banana Sauce & Coriander Jelly

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This minimalist dessert platter is one to die for. The Gulab Gulkand Cheesecake is a pretty pink delight with fresh rose petal reserve glazing smooth cheesecake. The Curry Leaf Ice Cream is a surprising, yet perfect, fusion of sharp and sweet. The creamy Mango Mousse finds unlikely companionship in tiny cubes of green Coriander Jelly and Roasted Banana Sauce.

Where:  The Eatery, Four Points by Sheraton Visakhapatnam

summer desserts

Chocolate Hazelnut Affogato

Affogato, meaning ‘drowned’, stands somewhere in between a coffee float and good old Nutella. This dessert is a heavenly combination of hot, double shot espresso and ice cold, chocolate hazelnut gelato. Neither too hot nor too cold, this dessert is every caffeine and chocolate addict’s dream come true.

Where: The Park

summer desserts

Mango Panna Cotta

Smooth and velvety, this panna cotta dessert brings the comfort of softly set custard and the richness of slightly tart mangoes to the plate. Surrounded by freshly chopped strawberries and topped by buttery golden crumble, this dessert tastes literally as light, pretty and summery as it looks.

Where: Infinity, Novotel Varun Beach

summer desserts

Baked Alaska

This retro dessert is an enchanting amalgamation of ice cream, cake and browned meringue. Consisting of ice cream placed in a pie dish, lined with slices of sponge cake and topped with creamy white meringue that is baked to be caramelised, this igloo shaped delicacy is a real show-stopper that defies all logic.

Where:  Palm Beach Hotel

summer desserts

Watermelon Mascarpone Cooler

Perhaps the most kid-friendly dessert on this list, it consists of a half-mooned watermelon standing on a portion of flavoured jelly. Filled in the slice is a mixture of whipped cream and mascarpone cheese dotted with chunks of fruit. Topped with a sprig of mint and accompanied by chocolate flakes, it tastes like the very definition of summer.

Where: GAD, The Gateway Hotel

summer desserts

Special Home-made Coconut and Jaggery Ice Cream

This rich, light gold, velvety ice cream is offered both as a stand-alone and as a pairing with various other desserts. Have it with Darsaan (fried honey noodles), Date Cigar or a Date Pancake for magnificence. Go for an Apple Toffy, Fried Banana or Coconut Roll if you’re in for simplicity. Chocoholics, do not miss out on devouring a Chocolate Roll with the ice cream as it’s a match made in heaven.

Where:  Mekong, Green Park

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