Students of classes 11 and 12 share their painful experiences

student suicide
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We all know about the ordeal a student has to undergo during the intermediate phase of their educational careers. While some students, who really relish their respective subjects, thrive during this period, many feel burdened. Factors such as parental pressure and peer pressure play major roles in influencing their mindsets.

In the wake of a recent online petition, demanding the ban of corporate a few colleges, gaining attention, we give an account of the experiences of a few students. (Names have been changed on their request).

“The pressure to score good marks is immense”- Madhuri, Jr Inter

“It is totally opposite to what I expected. I thought the teachers would properly guide the students who get lesser marks. Unfortunately, students who score lesser marks are put under pressure to score higher. The student is not counseled properly and the faculty doesn’t try to understand what is he going through. Some sensitive students build up complex owing to such treatment.”

“Students are divided based on marks”- Rajeev, Jr Inter

“Many people must be knowing this. Students are segregated on the basis of marks scored in the weekend tests. The students who score higher marks are treated as the “cream” and are given special focus. This develops an inferior complex in many students who are put into lower sections.”

“It would have been easier if parents understood”- Pranay, Sr Inter

“I have always dreamt of becoming a musician. However, after 10th standard, my parents pressurized me to take up the science group in intermediate and subsequently get an engineering degree from a prestigious institute. It would have been easier if parents understood what I really wanted instead of forcing to do something I never really liked (learning science).”

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