Sricharan Pakala – Kshanam Music Director


From being the lead guitarist of Mephistopheles to scoring music for Kshanam & Guntur Talkies, Sricharan Pakala has come a long way. He talks about Vizag, his music influence and more.

A self-taught musician, he started playing the guitar in grade 12 as a hobby. Upon graduation, realisation hit that music was more than his avocation and he decided to take it up full time. Playing speed metal and classic rock for Mephistopheles and Echo respectively, the music buff got his first offer from Ravikanth and Adivi Sesh to compose music for the movie KISS.

It was challenging and exciting to create the background score of Kshanam and give something new to the Telugu audience. It was tricky to maintain the suspense.

Taking a break afterwards, he was invited back for the movie Kshanam, being on-board since the scripting stage. “Creating music for Kshanam was exciting, challenging and great fun. Devising music that guided the audience and maintained suspense by giving nothing away was tricky and hard. I established every character in the movie with the background score in such a way that the audience gets a gist of the character”, says Sricharan.
Due to the modest budget the movie had, he was stuck to creating music on limited resources. He says that even he was surprised with the kind of music he could create with such limitations. When asked how he feels about the great response to his music, he is quick to credit Ravikanth for the vision and Vizag for being his muse.

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