The sorry state of Vizag beach during Ganesh Visarjan

vizag beach

While the spread of dengue and viral fevers are rising the need for maintaining cleanliness in Vizag, the scenario at the Vizag beach is questioning the clean conduct of the city.

The festive mood of Ganesh Chaturthi remains on a high scale even after two weeks of the occasion. But, the present situation of sickness spreading in the city should be given a thought not just by the public representatives but also by the public. Like every year, the Ganesh Visarjan in the city is being conducted with fun and devotion, and so is the amount of waste being accumulated.

It is well known that the main cause of dengue is the mosquitoes breeding over a pile of waste. And still, one can witness waste which is being dumped on the sands of the Vizag beach. Both, the officials and the public, should not be negligent about disposing waste from the surroundings which record frequent footfall. Mostly, the beach road is crowded the whole week, and the pile of waste on the sands might attract a swarm of mosquitoes.

This year, from January till date, the report submitted by the district health officials illustrated that a total number of 1,500 cases were registered in Vizag. In June and July alone, the King George Hospital (KGH) in Vizag has received 25 to 30 patients on an average in a day. Vizag has registered 83 dengue cases last week out of 113 cases in Andhra Pradesh.

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