Sonu Nigam Turns Beggar For A Reason – Watch The Video

In midst of our daily chaotic days, we fail to acknowledge the little things. We ignore people playing music by the road and walk by, that’s the norm. But then, a lot of people probably missed out on Sonu Nigam performing. Recently, he was part of a social experiment conducted by ‘Being Indian’ where he was disguised as an old beggar in torn clothes along with a harmonium. He was singing songs from ‘Kal ho na ho’ and a few ghazals. There was a simple tagline on a writing slate beside him which said “Khojna kya hai, khushiyan yahaan hai.” (Where are you searching for happiness, it’s right here). One man even recorded his voice and gave him Rs 12. Sonu Nigam claims he felt the value of the money to be much more than the paltry sum it was.

The video titled as ‘The Roadside Ustaad’ had Sonu Nigam tweeting “My most uninhibited & surreal crooning experience ever. Thank u @Beingind for Being Responsible for all this”.

It’s no big deal Sonu if you weren’t allowed to sing on the Jet Airways, you have won our hearts all over again.

Watch this Video

Sonu Nigam Disguises Himself As Beggar

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