Sinfully spicy and satisfying Seafood Festival @Four Points by Sheraton


Four Points by Sheraton have outdone themselves with the celebration of Seafood Festival that happens to be sizzling, spicy and very very tasty.

If you are a lover of fish, prawns and the bounty of the sea then you have to sample the tasty dishes that are being turned out at Four Points by Sheraton and Chef de Cuisine Renjith Rajagopal. Super specialty seafood with a twist of spices from God’s Own Country is here to smash your hunger. The Seafood Festival celebrates the Dish – Fish Pollichatu.

What is Fish Pollichatu? 

Quoting the words of the Chef behind this seafood delight – “Fish or Meen Pollichathu is a Kerala style fish preparation cooked in coconut oil covered with banana leaves, The flavor penetrates well into the fish and the aroma of banana leaf is divine. This is one of the very classic preparations that everyone loves.’

Why we recommend?

The fish (pomfret), fresh and appetizing absorbs all the spices and is seered within a banana leaf in a style that is traditional as well as healthy. If you like seafood spicy, southern style then this festival will bring your taste buds joy. Fire it up with an accompaniment of beer (if you like), steaming hot rice, appams and more.

The usual buffet spread is there even as the Fish Pollichatu festival is on and all your favourite items on the buffet are available. Starters and soups and rice and biryanis are there for those who want. Dishes of different cuisines are at the spread for you to sample and round off with a generous helping of desserts. Go ahead and indulge and take the details before you go.


  • The Eatery, Four Points by Sheraton
  • Fish Pollichatu, Made to Order
  • Head for Lunch.

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