Bored, Upset… Let’s go shopping!

Retail Therapy
Retail Therapy

Ever wanted to pick up your wallet and rush to the nearest mall just because you’re feeling low? Or had an argument with your boss (who is always right) so you bought a new dress? Don’t fret, you are not alone! Thousands of people like you are out there privy to an emotional state of mind or habit called Retail Therapy.

As National Mental Health Week is fast approaching, lets keep our mental health in place by indulging in much needed Retail Therapy. Let’s keep our mood swings at bay by shop-hopping or kick those Monday blues by treating yourself to e-tail therapy. Our happy hormones play the game and forever keeps us on high spirits. So, indulge, indulge and indulge! Stay healthy inside out!

Generally an ephemeral habit, retail therapy or compulsive shopping disorder need not be classified as negative. Depending on the level of compulsiveness faced, one could be obsessed by shopping or not. Those obsessed would find themselves shopping at the drop of a hat, spending money even if they don’t have any. They need to be treated psychologically in order to curb this craving. Psychologists often urge such people to stay out of malls and go by a ‘list’ for shopping.

There’s another class of shoppers who get pleasure out of shopping after a long and hard day’s work. They have the money and can spend on luxury once in a while. For them shopping is ‘therapy’. It’s a vicious circle. One earns to enjoy the good things of life and once the good things in life are attained, one is energised to work and earn more.

What attract compulsive shoppers are promotions and sales, unlimited credit facility and the ever increasing purchasing power. Most of the time, one ends up buying a shirt or skirt too many just because it’s on sale and cheap. Shop owners take this habit to their advantage and build more such promotions to attract buyers.

One solution could be to keep aside a certain amount of your salary towards ‘feeling good’. Some deep thinking on the issue may also help. Sit back and analyse your behaviour. If it’s not harming you or your finances, go ahead and have a blast! But even if there’s a wee bit of guilt involved, think again… do you really need to go shopping?

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