School Bus Claims Life of One, Leaves Five Injured In Vizag

Horrifying School Bus Accident at RK Beach

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Yesterday would’ve been like any other Sunday for those hanging out at the beach road, if not for an occurrence that shook their lives. An outing at Ramakrishna Beach changed the lives of six and many more who happened to be nearby, reminding them of their mortality in a cruel manner. The freak accident that took place yesterday night occurred when a school bus coming down the Taj Gateway Road towards RK Beach lost control. The vehicle proceeded to ram into the parapet wall opposite Novotel Varun Beach where several families were sitting and enjoying the cool breeze.

Schoolchildren who were supposed to be in the bus were thankfully at an award function and yet to board the bus. The accident that occurred at 8 PM claimed the life of one Dharma Rao, father of Additional SP of AP SIB (State intelligence bureau) DN Kishore. Kishore himself, along with his son and daughter were also injured in the accident. A ten year old boy Srikar and the driver of the bus Krishna were also left injured.

This is the third accident to have occurred at the same spot in recent spot and Commissioner of Police T Yoganand believed the road-engineering needs to be looked into. A team in association with the RTA will look into the case. “We will also check if the driver was drunk or the brakes had failed and also ascertain the condition of the vehicle. This is the third similar type of accident at the same spot in the recent times and we need to have a re-look on the road engineering,” he told The Hindu.

Andhra Pradesh Transport Minister K Atchannaidu visited the spot and those injured, at the hospital. Speaking to the media, he said, “Our officers have examined the bus, and everything seems up to date. We are going to check if the driver was drunk at the time of the accident. He is presently in coma. According to initial investigation, the brakes worked perfectly, and even the school that the bus belonged to has a good record. This comes just days after the state government said that it would wage a “war against road accidents.”

He further stated, “If a driver commits a mistake, even the owner should be made responsible for the accident. Even for long journeys, we will insist that two drivers are appointed, to ensure road safety. It is their responsibility.”

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