Sahaj Marg – Vizag

In the struggle of daily life we often forget to seek that inner peace and oneness with the Universal one, which should be our ultimate goal. Sahaj Marg aims at that goal, helping many along with its unique way of life.

Sahaj Marg is a way of life and offers a system of practical training in spirituality. It was started by Shri Ram Chandraji, of Fatehgarh, also known as Lalaji, who simplified the system of Raja yoga to suit the needs of modern life. He rediscovered the technique of transmission of spiritual energy, which aims at the transformation of individuals. One of his able disciples, Sri Ram Chandraji of Shajahanpur, fondly known as Babuji eventually founded Shri Rama Chandra Mission, a non-profit spiritual organization and introduced the Sahaj Marg system of sadhana in 1945. Following the mahasamadhi of Babuji, Chariji, guided and spread this system globally for three decades. Chariji attained mahasamadhi in December 2014. Kamaleshbhai is currently the Guide and President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission. Sahaj Marg has grown immensely, attracting people from across varied religions and has its presence in approximately 250 cities in India and 150 cities across the world, with its World Head Quarters at Chennai.

sahaj-margIn Visakhapatnam, the center started its journey way back in 1976 at Marripalem. With a meditation hall, library, community kitchen and space for its activities, today it has 10 affiliated centers in different parts of the city. People from all walks of life irrespective of caste, creed, nationality and religion can start this practice after having completed 15 years of age. The aspirants embark upon their spiritual journey with introductory sittings from Preceptors, the members authorized to impart spiritual training. Thereafter the practice of the daily sadhana begins with meditation in the morning for one hour followed by cleaning in the evening for half an hour, and finally concluding with the bed-time prayer for few minutes. These apart, group meditations take place every Sunday and Wednesday in all the centers. 3rd Sundays of every month are special as people gather at the main center in Marripalem to meditate and participate in both talks and voluntary services.These activities and the heart based meditation indeed serves to tap their inner potential facilitating a healthier lifestyle most spontaneously is their belief.
Today Sahaj Marg is chosen by many, who aim at spirituality. In fact, in Vizag alone, over 4000 people are a part of it. Its other important activities are in the form of various initiatives of Heartfulness that reach out to different sections of the society. Through this initiative, they offer their highly effective relaxation technique and heart based meditation for everyone to reap benefits.

Sahaj Marg believes in heart based meditation because peace comes from within when attention is focused on the heart. This can be experienced by shifting one’s focus from thought to feeling. Only when one does something from the heart, rather than one’s mind would they be able to see a perceptible change in their way of life!

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