5 Safety devices that you need A.S.A.P

safe home

These are times of better technology but compromised privacy and there is the need in this hour to keep yourself and loved ones safe. The growing rise of crime in the city and the threat common man feels right now makes the use of technology as a deterrent necessary. While no device or technology is full proof there are some  steps one can take to make a safe home.

Basic safe home ideas:

  1. A Burglar alarm system that is alerted by vibrations and sends an alarm to scare the intruder. It is a very basic device and people with wrong intentions will not venture when the alarm goes off to try and break in. It is ideal for doors and windows for installation and can be used in home, office, shop etc. E.g – Kawachi Entry Wireless Door Window Safety Contact Magnetic Burglar Security Alarm
  2. Night vision CCTV Camera that records events and the video gets stored in built-in micro SD-Card storage. This will camera operate with motion detection, night vision, photosensitive induction and cycle recording. It is an all weather and any time recording device to help you track. E.g – Zvision Dome 24 IR Night Vision CCTV Camera Dvr.
  3. Spy camera security where the camera is not visible to the subject being filmed, or is disguised as another object. Hidden cameras can be built into commonly used objects such as  t.v, clocks, potted plants, wall hangings etc and can be used for remotely conducting house surveillance. the feed can reach your mobile, your computer or can be saved. E.g –  Wireless Mini Spy Remote Camera Security For Android IOS PC
  4. Smoke alarms and Smoke detectors are devices that are able to detect smoke or fire, giving an audible alarm as a result. They are good at detecting fire in early stages and thus give you an adequate time gap to evacuate before inhaling noxious gases. There effectiveness renders them useful for usage in houses, apartments, staircases and landings. Since the main cause of death in fires is by inhalation, this is very useful. E.g – Wireless Smoke Detector Home Safety Sensitive Heat Fire Alarm Sensor
  5. Electricity safety devices such as the Circuit breaker, Surge protector and Ground fault circuit interrupter to protect wiring, protect devices and reduce risk of electric shock respectively. These mitigate dangers of power overload and keep your home safe.

So before it is too late, make use of technology that is available without pressing the panic button. The technology has become quite affordable and available and not much thought and planning is required for going ahead. Evaluate your needs, chose the device as per the location and circumstances and go ahead to keep yourself secure.

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