Sachin Tendulkar plays golf at East Point Golf Club!

sdafOur master blaster has proven to us once again that he can do a lot more than just being on the cricket ground. Members of East Point Golf Club(EPGC) were shocked to see Sachin Tendulkar play amongst them the other day. With the shift in the venue of IPL matches, all the Mumbai Indians’ players were staying at Novotel, Varun Beach, Vizag. Sachin took some time to chill out and play some golf, with people at the club having mixed emotions. They were shocked, surprised, awestruck and definitely having their fan moments.

Sachin Tendulkar with EPGC Members

“ We were just sitting and chit chatting and suddenly we spot someone who looks like Sachin only to find out, it was actually Sachin. And later, we lost our calm,” says Mr. Prashanth Sagi

“He had great golf skills and was playing with a good amount of concentration and solemnity,” says Mr. Chakri Mavvulti.

So, now we know the greatest batsmen of all time has other interests too, like coolly playing golf along with other members of the club.


Header Image Credits : Himangshu Das

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