Ghat roads in Vizag agency record the most number of road accidents

drunk driving, Andhra Pradesh
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In around 336 fatal road accidents which took place in Vizag in 2017, 357 deaths and 1,200 injured were reported by the city police. Most of the deaths have been reported in the Vizag agency, especially on the ghat roads of Araku and Paderu.

Though 20 potential accident-prone zones have been identified along the road to Araku and Paderu, the police are worried more about the roads between the villages. The road accidents registered on the village roads are considered to be the most.

Superintendent of Police Rahul Dev Sharma said that the roads between the villages are also ghat roads as they lie on the Eastern Ghats too.

As most of the people seem to travel on jeeps, DSP of Chintapalli, P Anil Kumar said, “Though the capacity of a jeep is 8 to 10, these private transport operators pack over 25 to 30 people in one trip. Most of the accidents happen when the drivers of the overloaded vehicles lose balance at sharp bends and the vehicles skid off road or overturn.”

Also, Vizag police have been witnessing an alarming rise in drunk and drive cases and especially in the year of 2018.

As per the reports, a record number of 920 people have been imprisoned due to drunk and drive in the period of January to August in 2018. This is considered to be the record number of imprisonments ever in the city. In the same period, as many as 25,223 cases have been registered for inebriated driving.

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