Meet Aishwarya, the woman who makes ends meet by selling ragi malt in Vizag

Meet Aishwarya, the woman who earns a living by selling ragi malt in Vizag

Alajangi Aishwarya, along with her husband Trinadha Rao, makes a living by selling healthy ragi malt. She shares her story with Yo! Vizag.

“My stall is named Bhavyasree health drink4s stall, and I’ve been running the business for the past three years. My day usually begins at 4 AM when I start arranging things to be sold. By 6 AM, I set up my stall and start selling freshly made ragi malt, sprouts, and boiled eggs. Typically, joggers and walkers stop by and savour what I offer. On a good day, I manage to earn up to Rs 1000/-. This translates to a rough profit of Rs. 12,000 per month, on average.

During the rainy season, it is difficult to set up the stall. The summers too get challenging some times. In fact, there have been days when most of the food would go waste. I’m lucky to have a few customers who call me up and order a few glasses of ragi malt even when the weather isn’t supportive to set up my stall. While the business isn’t really profitable, I deliver food with a certain sense of satisfaction, knowing that it is contributing to someone’s good health. We have two kids. My daughter is studying in class 5 and my son is in class 3. After work, I get busy with household chores and tailoring works. With my family’s support, I’m looking forward to starting a new stall near Shivaji Park in the coming days.”

Location: Opposite Dr. VS Krishna College, Vizag

Timings: 6 AM to 9 AM

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