Quirky Mango Recipes

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Summer means mangoes and who doesn’t love mangoes? Our favourite tropical fruit is the flavour of the month, being in season from April through June. There’s a wide variety of mangoes you could indulge in, from the local Suvarnarekha to Mumbai’s Alphonso mango.

Opt for something different from the regular old aamras and smoothies and have something unconventional. Blend together different ingredients with a tinge of tanginess, depending on your personal taste, keep it traditional or relish it with a continental twist.

We give you a list of offbeat dishes for mango-lovers, click on the names for the recipes:

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Mango Rasmalai

A Bengali dessert of creamy rasmalai soaked in milk flavoured with mango purée and topped with dry fruits.

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Maharashtrian Ambe Dal

This traditional dish is a unique combination of coarsely ground chana dal (split bengal gram) and delicious raw mangoes.

Mango Kheer

A rich and yummylicious dessert of milk and rice flavoured with saffron, cardamom and purée of your choice of mangoes.

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Mango-Mushroom Bajji

Regular old bajji with a twist – mushrooms soaked in bajji batter consisting of raw mangoes’ paste make for a crunchy snack.

Mango Dumplings/Wontons

Make steamed fresh dumplings or baked wontons served with a lime syrup-coconut milk dip and garnished with shredded coconut.

Mango Dosa

A traditional Mangalorean dish of rice, poha, jaggery, yogurt and mangoes, usually made with watermelon.

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