Arrival of the Emperor of Fruits at Poorna Market & Rythu Bazaar

poorna market
poorna market

After a huge commotion created by Hudhud two years back, Vizag was left with hopeless destruction and despair all around. This had a great impact on nature and human lives as well. But within the span of two years, Vizag has undergone all the major developments and has proved its worth again. It feels so good and great to see our city clean and green again. Moreover, Vizag the future smart city is termed as the third clean city all over India, which is a matter of fact, unknown to some. The arrival of “Ugadi” has now got something really sweet and tangy, that most of us were craving for since months. Who would regret or deny tasting this sweetness and flavour, because almost all of us are in so much love with this fruit. And I am sure by now even our mouths have started watering, imagining those yummy mangoes slipping into our lips. So finally the emperor of fruits has come up in Poorna Market and all the Ryhtu Bazaars of Vizag, and are being sold like hot pan cakes. Every twenty minutes the cartons of mangoes are going empty in these stalls.

The mangoes look so attractive, juicy and pulpy but the prices this year are higher as compared to the previous year. But none of us wish to deny ourselves from eating such an amazing fruit after months. The other day while wandering around the streets of Poorna Market, our team came across such a fascinating mango fest. The market was filled with the aroma of mangoes. So, dear mango lovers, get ready to go crazy for a mango tango ride, among these variety of pulpy and ripe mangoes.


Initially we came across Banganapalle mangoes and they are named so, after the place Banganapalle. These are the most common type of mangoes known, one can enjoy such a type with fruit salads and ice creams.

Price: Rs 180/- per dozen


The name itself sounds very beautiful, and so is the fruit filled with sweetness. The lovely off shaded colour of yellow and red makes it more enticing*.

Price: Rs 100/- per dozen


This mango is known to be the sweetest for a sweet tooth. One can use it for milkshakes and juices.

Price: Rs 180-200/- per dozen

Collector Mamadi

This is an all time favourite, having these sweet and sour mangoes with a pinch of salt and chilli reminds everyone of their childhood days.

Price: Rs 100/- per dozen

Panchadara Kalasa

It is very well known for its sugary taste. One can go bonkers about this anytime they grab it.

PriceRs 200/- per dozen

Kobbari Mamidi

This mango is like a baby coconut among all the mangoes, its size and the taste equally justify each other.

Price: Rs 180/- per dozen

Kollam Gova

It is really known for its khata meetha taste, one can prepare chatpata pickles out of it.

Price: Rs 80-100/- per dozen

Bara Masam

This mango works as a good ingredient for mango daal so one can enjoy some khata khata mango daal.

Price: Rs 120/- per dozen


These mangoes are also used for chatpata chutneys and for mango pulihora as well.

Price: Rs 60/- per dozen

So do enjoy eating these mouth watering mangoes and let us know your favourite one soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prices of these mangoes are from when this article was done (09/05/2017). The prices are subjective to change.
*Enticing was previously, incorrectly written as enhancing. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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  1. Who ever wrote this article, your writing skills are PATHETIC !! For example, when describing Suvarnarekha, you call it “enhancing”, the correct term to use there is “enticing”. I found 3-4 other misplaced words in this article. Better pay more attention to your write-up or else get another job.

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