MVP Rythu Bazaar introduces organic fruits & vegetables


Healthy lifestyle needs a healthy intake and that’s what our farmers have finally understood. The production and usage of organic food has rapidly increased in our country and Vizag falls no behind in the race.

The Rythu Bazaar in MVP Colony has opened up special stalls for organic fruits & vegetables and it is no less than a blessing for health conscious people. A variety of fruits & veggies grown with organic fertilizers are sold at the stall at moderate prices. The fruits are grown in Dumbriguda [Araku] and are directly imported to the markets in the city.

A variety of mangoes and pineapple are made available for the customers and the fruits are much sweeter and healthier. Kesri and Suvarnarekha mangoes are the main attractions at the stall along with the sweet and sour pineapple. The Kesri mango is a cut mango with abundant fibre and pulp while the Suvarnarekha mango is greenish in colour and yet extremely sweet in taste. There are stalls stocking organic bottle gourd and other vegetables too.

Vizag has been advancing when it comes to modern living and healthy choices. The production of pesticide free food is a proof that no one can deny. So rush to this stall before all the organic food is sold out and enjoy the freshest healthy fruits & vegetables which have no hint of fertilizers and other pesticides.

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