Hike In The Prices of Vegetables & Chicken In Visakhapatnam

Hike in vegetable and chicken prices Vizag

Due to the prolonged dry spell and low yield of crops, there has been a hike in the price of the vegetables and chicken. Because of the low supply, the prices of some vegetables has increased over the corresponding period of last year. Prices of green leafy vegetables like coriander leaves, mint leaves and few others have increased rapidly as compared to last year.

This year the hot and humid weather has resulted in low yield of vegetables that has affected the supply of some vegetables in the city. The prices of vegetables in the open markets are 30% more than the prices at Rythu bazaars. The rising temperature is not only distressing people but it is also pushing the prices of certain vegetables and fruits, with the prices shooting up by 40% in  the last few days. Usually it is a common situation in summer where we see a hike in the prices of vegetables and fruits, but this time the prices are increasing rapidly with the fear of increase in the upcoming days too.

There has been a hike in the prices of okra, beans, ridge gourd, bitter gourd, green peas, brinjal and more. The reason for the hike of 30-50% in some others too have been due to their low arrival. So now days, the vegetable markets are filled with mangoes rather than vegetables and some variety of vegetables have simply disappeared.

Beans, spine gourd and capsicum have become Rs.55 per kg in the markets other than Rythu Bazaar. Ridge gourd and other vegetables have become Rs.35 to Rs. 40 per kg. Fortunately tomatoes are still affordable, costing Rs. 15 per kg, in the open markets. With the non availability of quality vegetables and the soaring prices of vegetables, it is a huge trouble for the homemakers to manage the summer.

The price of one kg broiler chicken has risen to Rs 240 from Rs 180. The price of fish has touched Rs 150 per kg due to the birds and fish perishing in this sultry and humid weather.

Story Credit: Deccan Chronicle

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