Hot Dogs, Burgers & More At Mr. Weenie’s Roadhouse

hot dog
Mr. Weenie's Roadhouse, Hot Dogs, Burgers, Vizag Drive-In, Visakhapatnam

One must have noticed an eye-catchy food truck at Seethamadhara, or in college/school fests, doling out American-style hot dog & burgers to ravenous people in the city. Well, guess what? Mr. Weenie’s Roadhouse (SO cleverly named) has now opened shop at the Vizag Drive-In too.

hot dog
Image Credit: Mr. Weenie’s Roadhouse Facebook

Owned by Arun, the food truck that was launched in March is first in the city to serve classic American diner food.  When asked about the choice of food served at both the newly launched, quirky, drive-in counter & food truck, Arun says, “I’d rather serve niche food than clichéd food. With the city filled with dosa & shawarma food trucks & restaurants, I wanted mine to stand out. And what better way to do that than with classic American food?”

Arun is an Engineering graduate & entrepreneur who’s pursuing his Mass Communication & Journalism at Andhra University now. His future plans include going abroad and pursuing a Filmmaking course. But right now, Mr. Weenie’s Roadhouse holds all his attention.

Mr. Weenie’s Roadhouse serves hot dogs and burgers that contain freshly ground burger patties in steamed buns along with homemade chili gravy. They even make their own bread! The stunning menu consists of hot dogs, appetisers, burgers, panini/sub sandwiches and main course plus steaks.

Their Chili Cheese Dog and The Pittsburgher (also cleverly named) are best sellers. The Chili Cheese Dog features a hot dog topped with devilishly good homemade chilli gravy and grated cheddar. The Pittsburgher, that is a twist on the Pittsburgh sandwich, is a four layered ‘king sized’ beast that is stuffed with fries, coleslaw, and also features a fried egg on top. Have you ever heard of anything more divine?

So now you know where to head to this weekend when you’re craving for ah-mazing & Instagram + drool-worthy food. Rush there now and show some love!

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