QR coded dustbins promise better waste management in Vizag

QR coded dustbins promise better waste management in Vizag
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In a bid to ensure transparency and efficiency of the garbage disposal and online waste management, the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) has planned to introduce hi-tech QR code systems in Vizag. The Quick Response (QR) codes will be placed on public and private dustbins, including tourist spots and outside residential apartments. They would be linked to a Central Operations Centre (COC), from where the higher officials would be able to monitor the status of garbage collection from each site in Visakhapatnam.

The QR codes are also a part of the GVMC initiative to ensure that door-to-door pick up is efficient in Vizag. The QR generation systems will be provided on the gates of all apartments in six wards. Once the garbage is collected from an apartment, a sanitary official is supposed to scan the code and upload the bin’s pictures on the official web application M-Governance or website. The COC would then be alerted of garbage picked up from a particular site. The exercise is touted to be completed in the early hours of the morning.

Some of the bins have also been installed with the facility of alerting the COC. Once the weight in the bins reaches a threshold point, an alert would get generated to the COC, prompting the staff to clear up the site. Municipal bins and those around tourist spots have been installed with the technology already, according to officials. The citizens too can alert the COC via the web application.

While sharing insights on the initiative,  GVMC Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. A Hemanth, told Yo! Vizag, “When any citizen, who is passing by, notices that dustbins need to be cleaned, they can scan the code on their mobile phone. Immediately, an alarm will be generated to the civic authorities, and the Health Inspector, who will take prompt action in addressing the grievance. Once the grievance (cleaning of the garbage bin) is attended to, a satisfactory report will be sent to the complainant. This method will ensure better waste management in the city.”

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